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Celeste De Blasis’ AMERICA’S DAUGHTER – Well Researched, Well Told with Endearing Characters, the Revolutionary War Come to Life

What Writers Should Know! Part Seven: First Draft

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Witches, Words and Wombats.

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The Young Sorceress – Available at Amazon

UDIO: AI just got real!

Romance Squirrels?

Thursday – A Little Personal – Twiggy and Tempeste Do The Blues Brothers

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New Releases in SciFi/Fantasy/Paranormal Romance for JULY 10

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Just when I think the fireworks are over

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Lady Godiva – did she, or didn’t she?

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Famous Friends: Calvin and Hobbes

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Best Books to Read According to Contest Judges (and me!)

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Where Does Confidence Come From?

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Switching Gears

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KEY TO LOVE – Summer Reading and Oldie from the Past

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Five in June

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Preparing Your Manuscript For Pitching Agents With Renee Fountain

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Interview with Jeanette Watts

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Why I Read Book Reviews, A Free Book, and A New Release in the Midnight Sons Series!

A Recipe and a Read: Classic Beef Stroganoff and a Family Saga Series Starter by Author Stella May…

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Author Interview: Peggi Davis

What book inspired me as a child?I grew up in New York City, and spent many…

Elaina’s Writing World

Gentle Summer Moments

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Why is there a Right and Left in Politics?

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