The Arid Lands themes: A vast engineering project

Review: Not By Sea by Paul Weston

Guest Post by Lydia Baker: Writing an apocalyptic world and the theme of family

 Writing an apocalyptic world and the theme of fa

The Arid Lands themes: Climate effects of a dried up sea.

Review: Hot Ash and the Oasis Defect by Philip Wyeth

The Book

The Arid Lands themes: The Messinian Salinity Crisis

My newly released SF novel, The Arid Lands is set

Review: Zen Dynamics – Putting Buddhist theory into practice by Andrew May

The Book

Review: Embargo on Hope by Justin Doyle

The Arid Lands and Red Rock promotion update:

Here is my latest update on the various promotion

Review: Arkhangelsk by Elizabeth Bonesteel

Political Thrillers on offer


Review: The Day the Earth Turned: Book 1. Summer by Chantelle Atkins

 The Book

The Arid Lands Launch Day Deal

 Today I am announcing a very special launch Day

Review: Ironheart by Allan Boroughs

Review: The Runesong Trilogy Books 1 and 2

The Books: Hammer of Fate

Pre-order The Arid Lands

The Arid Lands is now available for pre-order fro

Ten Years of RED ROCK

 It is now ten years since Red Rock was first pub

The Arid Lands Cover reveal

Today I am delighted to share with you all, the c

The Arid Lands

Sale of Two Drabbles

In case you are wondering, a drabble is a short story of exactly 100 words. And…

The Red Rock Promotion Experiment and where I go next.

The results of the Red Rock publicity and promotion experiment are in, and I’ve been analysing…

Countdown Deal for Earth Day

April the 22nd is Earth Day. A perfect opportunity to promote Red Rock. And also to…

Marketing Red Rock – a plan for promotion

I don’t intend doing a great deal of marketing and promotion for Red Rock. This is…

Formatting for Kindle and Print: A very simple guide.

  Here is a very simple checklist for formatting your book for publication using Amazon. This…

Red Rock (new) Cover Reveal

 Today I am delighted to share with you – the new cover for Red Rock!