After a much needed vacation to a nice c

Small Things, Big Difference

The “side quest” goal of com

How “Not Writing” Is Writing

Writing looks a lot like not writing the

Side Quest

Rewrites to Singularity are done after t

Workplace Friendships

I was surprised to hear the leader of a

Down the Rabbit Hole Again

Are any of you suffering from the post-h

Don’t Call Them Resolutions

Because I’m talking about rewritin

The Gift Nobody Wants

It’s COVID-19, and we got it.

Please Don’t Squeeze the Muse

Is anybody elses’ creativity tapped out

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Broken Reality

I ran across an interesting challenge th

There’s Nothing Like Reality

There’s nothing like reality to drag you

Get Out!

You’ve heard of writer’s block, but have

Goals Achieved

I’m happy to report that I healed from the cold,


​If gratitude is the key to abundance, t

Interesting Fun Facts

Did you know lactose tolerance is due to a genetic mutation? I was researching genetic engineering…

Rivendell Moment

I had my Rivendell moment this morning. I once read that J.R.R. Tolkein had no idea…


I hit a slump. I was doing so well with the writing and book reviewing, until…

Efforts and Insufferable Crap

I started swinging, and now I’m on a roll. Not only have I met my goal…

Tear it Down

I was cleaning the house yesterday and wondering how to successfully manage the triggers of the…

Stop Picking At It!

My book reviewer suggested that I take a one-month break from Duality, my Thanksgiving novella-in-progress, because…

The Rewards of Persistence

My persistence has paid off. After nearly two years of planning, research, writing, reviews, more research,…


I shared a post on social media last week from a fellow writer lamenting how people…

Embrace the Chaos

Sometimes you must, because reality is going to be reality, and life will do what it…

Don’t Get Mad, Get Inspired

​I could rant and rave about how I feel like the last couple of weeks have…