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  This past weekend, I disappeared for a few h [Read more]

Writing a Mystery?

New Profile Picture

My Family

Red Panda Sticker

Thursday Thoughts #1

Cherry Red Cover Reveal

Here’s the new cover for Cherry Red!

Peeking Donkey

Kissed by Winter Cover Reveal

Here is my new cover for Kissed by Winter!

A New…New Cover for His Candy Christmas

As an artist, I tend to be a perfectionist and som

How to Have a Great Garage Sale (Part 2)

If you visited my blog last Tuesday, you read part

How to Have a Great Garage Sale (Part 1)

Today, I’d like to welcome back my regular g

Take a Breath

Expressing Your Love…It’s Not Just for Valentine’s Day

Fast Fudgy Oatmeal Cookies

A New Year and New Adventures

Setting Goals for the New Year

Dog Diaries #5

The next installment of my dog diaries was to talk

Contract End

Christmas Wishes

 The boys are ready for Santa!

Christmas Card


Dog Diaries #4

After Two Long Months…

Dog Diaries #3

Let the games begin.

Dog Diaries #2

What is a Cane Corso?

Sitting Pretty #CA0037