Witches, Words and Wombats.

Well, dear friends and readers, hopefully the summ [Read more]

A Gal’s Own French Adventure

June was a heck of a month. [Read more]

The Oxygen of Publicity

I love this term – the oxygen of publicity. [Read more]

A little piece of scribble for the writing group…

At the last writing group meeting, I was thinking [Read more]

Privilege, position and power

We don’t ask to be born into privilege. [Read more]

Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.

When I first started writing, I was delighted by

Writing is all about using what we have at our fingertips. But perhaps other body parts might help…

I spend a lot of time writing novels and editing

The thoughts of a part-time blogger…

Thank you for reading my blog!

The power of self perception…

I’m a huge believer in positivity.

Book update. What’s coming up from me this summer…

I’m really excited to tell you about my next Elen

You know it’s spring when…(A UK perspective.)

The winter is always great fun.

My short story for the writing group..

I belong to a wonderful writing group, in which w

What do you do when you get that sinking feeling?

Have you ever had a period of time – a day, a wee

A railway station. A short story.

Here’s a story I wrote for Solitary Writers, the

Three film reviews and a tired author…

I’ve been writing and editing pretty much non-sto

A Folk Tale

This story is one that is still told in the West

How My Writing Career Almost Ended In The Sink With A Cheese Grater…

The title of this blog tells you everything you n

My Resolution for 2024? I Will Be Both Sweet And Tough…

I am always learning, and this is a new year,so t

The “KISSY” guide to writing better novels.

Happy New Year to you all.

Happy Christmas to you all!

Dear readers, reviewers, authors – friends, famil

8:1 is the way to go.

8:1 is the way to go. Let me explain.

What I’ve Been Writing.

Like many writers, I tend to disappear into the w

So much love for the USA …

I’m really excited to tell you about my recent vi

I’m planning a trip away…but where am I going?

Most of you know the feeling – how it’s great be

Talking about writing novels to my readers. What could be more fun?

Recently, I visited a retirement housing complex