Creating Connection in Meetings: Strategies for Authentic Engagement and Recognition

Today, let’s talk about the power of creating genuine connections in our meetings. Here are some thoughts on how we can foster an environment where true human connection thrives in team meetings.

Taming Your Crocodiles author Hylke Faber and Leadership Coach Olena Sergeeva of Growth Leaders Network join Microsoft‘s Carson V. Heady, author of Salesman on Fire, to discuss on this episode of Connected Teamwork.

🤝 Be authentically human: Share your experiences, whether good or bad, for a brief moment. By being real and vulnerable, you invite others to do the same.

💡 Engage with care: While it’s essential to share your thoughts, be mindful not to overwhelm the meeting with personal matters. Serve them lightly, leaving room for others to share their experiences and feelings as well.

📝 Construct the agenda together: Collaborate with your team to structure the meeting. Solicit their feedback and guidance, giving them a voice in shaping the agenda. When everyone’s input is considered, engagement and participation skyrocket.

🎉 Celebrate successes: Recognize achievements within your team. Whether it’s a major victory or a remarkable best practice, create space to highlight these accomplishments. It’s amazing what a little recognition can do! And it’s free!

🕰 Prioritize connection: Regardless of the meeting duration, set aside a few moments at the beginning to foster personal connections. Show genuine interest in your colleagues as individuals before diving into business matters. It’s a small investment that pays off immensely.

🔍 Observe and address energy shifts: Stay present and observant during meetings. If you notice someone becoming tense or unresponsive, take the opportunity to engage them. Ask a question, invite their input, or address any concerns. By actively monitoring the energy, you can nurture a supportive environment.

Remember, connection is the foundation of successful collaboration. By creating space for genuine interactions and incorporating your team’s input, you’ll foster an environment where everyone feels valued, heard, and engaged.

How do you encourage and foster genuine connectedness in your meetings?