About five pages

I don’t feel like I’ve been overly productive with the hours I get, but I think I have it figured out. I started off with Percy the Space Chimp and finished a chapter.

Then I jumped to my solo title and started a new chapter. I wound up with one page, but all total it comes to about five. It isn’t a horrible volume, but is spread between two titles.

I’ve been virtually off for months and am having a hard time getting started once more. This time, I think I have an answer.

Beginnings are tough. When I picked up the keyboard once more I started two new stories. This is different than how I usually roll. Generally, I start a second story when the other one is about half to three-quarters finished.

Maybe you guys all start strong out of the gate, but that’s not been my experience. The early chapters are where most of the fences get built, then I have to live within them.

I honestly thought with Percy already having a book it would be simpler. This theory has not proven out.

Perhaps if I had started a Hat story instead it would make a difference. I have much more familiarity with those characters, but I doubt that would make a lot of difference.

I’m also starting to question why it matters to me. People who give my stories a chance seem to love them, but it isn’t like anyone is beating my door down for the next publication. I will get these finished on their own timetables. Joke’s on them; I won’t publish Percy’s first story until they’re all finished.

A big part of this is personal enjoyment, and I have that going for me. I’m going to focus there. I’m having a good time and that matters. I’ll enjoy the process and share them when they’re ready for the general public.

Tomorrow is for the yard. I have to spray the fruit trees and do some work with the chainsaw. There probably won’t be any writing time tomorrow.