Pretty fair day

I took today off.

Not quite what I had in mind

Old What’s Her Face made her annual pilgrimage to

All over the place

It’s raining here in Idaho.

I goofed off

I had the opportunity to do some writing today, a

Writing and Beekeepers

I had planned to write all day today, but it didn

Quick check in

There aren’t a ton of interesting things going on

Sauerkraut anyone?

I made kraut this morning.

A New Year’s Whisky

This one is Scotch, so I dropped the “e” as is tr

1500 words I didn’t have before

Sundays are always bad options for writing, but I

A wasted opportunity

It all started last Saturday.

When are Giraffes Vulnerable

Hey, everyone. I have a treat for you today.

A Craig kind of problem

My ultimate goal today was to add words to Tracks

A good writing day

I goofed off something horrible yesterday.

Music History???

As authors we do all kinds of strange research.

The struggle is real

I really wanted to sleep in this morning, but the

The Recipe

I’m talking about my newest release, Goodbye Old

What to do…

I took today off in hopes of doing some writing,

The Slog…

It appears I’ve come to the messy middle of my so

Sunday efforts

Sundays are never my best days.

It’s a #newbook

It’s getting close to the Halloween season, and t

Back again, this time with Pinterest

It’s me again.

Can’t cry about that word count

Okay, I could, but it would be phony.

Some days it all works out

I’m still fighting this cold, even though I returned to work on Thursday. It forced me…

Not much going on

I like to update at least weekly. Honestly, I missed a bunch of work due to…

Will I… Won’t I?

I’ve been going to go write since breakfast this morning. I did all the Sunday things,…