It was a writing day

My word processor said it came to 2770 words.

Once Upon a Time…

Once Upon a Time, I wrote a book called Good Lini

Some days you’re the dog, others the hydrant

I’ll start this off with having a good week at wo


It’s that kind of day for me.

Did I do it?

I stewed about breaking down my third act with to

Life gets its way

I wound up missing some work last week.

New words and Asian pears

My pear is in full bloom.

Time for vacation

I’ve been killing myself at work lately.

I’ve become boring

Things have slowed down on the fiction front for

Date night

I spent a big chunk of my day working on fiction.

One of those weeks

I started my week fairly productively.

Let’s all welcome Mae Clair

Mae is one of my oldest author friends, and she a

Two day weekends are for the birds

I should have updated yesterday, but I’m here now

Pretty fair day

I took today off.

Not quite what I had in mind

Old What’s Her Face made her annual pilgrimage to

All over the place

It’s raining here in Idaho.

I goofed off

I had the opportunity to do some writing today, a

Writing and Beekeepers

I had planned to write all day today, but it didn

Quick check in

There aren’t a ton of interesting things going on

Sauerkraut anyone?

I made kraut this morning.

A New Year’s Whisky

This one is Scotch, so I dropped the “e” as is tr

1500 words I didn’t have before

Sundays are always bad options for writing, but I

A wasted opportunity

It all started last Saturday.

When are Giraffes Vulnerable

Hey, everyone. I have a treat for you today.

A Craig kind of problem

My ultimate goal today was to add words to Tracks