Why Burning Bridges Is a Bad Idea – Jeff Kirchick & Carson Heady

Burning bridges is never a good idea, no matter if you’re right or how strong the impulse might be. The benefits of preserving professional relationships far outweigh any temporary satisfaction gained from severing ties.

Sales VP and author Jeff Kirchick joins Microsoft‘s Carson V. Heady, author of Salesman on Fire, to discuss.

Many of us learn this lesson the hard way, and in a long career you will likely face this choice many times: that bad manager you want to tell off, that poor culture you want to torch on social media. Resist the urge. No matter how vindicated you feel in that moment, the repercussions it can have on your brand and reputation are not worth it.

Jeff and Carson both share personal experiences which proved burning bridges was a poor choice in hindsight, and situations where they chose not to burn the bridge actually paid unexpected dividends.

When it comes to burning bridges, it’s essential to remember that it rarely serves our best interests.

Choosing not to burn bridges means taking personal responsibility for our decisions. It means understanding that we may be the common denominator in challenging situations. By addressing concerns privately and respectfully, we maintain our dignity and protect our professional reputation.

While it may be tempting to vent our frustrations publicly, doing so can lead to unfavorable judgments, regardless of the validity of our concerns.

Perception becomes reality, and people will judge us based on our actions, regardless of the context. So let’s remember to take a step back, think before reacting impulsively, and handle conflicts with grace and professionalism.