When in Wales

On Saturday I did something that I haven’t done for a long time – attended a multi author book signing. I’ve done them as both reader and author in the US, but never in the UK before, so that was a first. The event was When in Wales which was held at the Mercure Hotel, in Cardiff, and it brought together nearly forty independent authors from the UK and from the US, to meet readers and to display, sign and sell their books. It was one of a series of similar events that are now being held all around the country and I have to say I really enjoyed it.

The format was like that adopted at the big romance conventions in America – each author had a table – and the decorations, give-aways and the range of books were really impressive. A few authors had even brought their favourite cover model with them – and yes, I know I should have got pictures, but I was too busy looking at books and taking names.

A work of art and a good start to the afternoon.
And it tasted as good as it looked.
One of the author tables.
I took a picture of the whole room,
but for some reason it came out too blurred to use.
Camera shake, but it wasn’t the mocktail!

These were indie authors – the majority of whom were self published, or with small presses, so you are unlikely to see their wares in bookshops – only on the Internet. There were writers who had come all the way from America especially to attend, and also authors from around the UK – even a few who were locals. The range of books was phenomenal –  from horror to fantasy to romantic suspense – all with a
common feature –

they were romance books. There were mega hot strictly-adults-only offerings at one end of the scale, with young adult at the other and everything else in between. It was great to see fresh titles from authors I’d not encountered before, and my e-reader is now busy downloading samples and clicking away. Those I’ve had a peek at so far all seem to have two things in common – strong heroines and gorgeous heroes – sometimes two gorgeous heroes in the M/M categories.

As I’d only just got back from a trip to London – research for the day job – I opted for an afternoon ticket – some super keen fans spent the day, lunching with the authors. I started my afternoon with a fabulous mocktail in the bar and then spent a couple of hours chatting and laughing. Romance authors are great people and know how to have fun, as well as write great books.

I’m hoping to go to other similar events in the future. Maybe even as a signing author, on the other side of the table?