A J R Hartley moment

 Those readers of mature years will probably reme

The Cat is out of the Bag.


Hard shell, soft centre

 This post came about because I have read a numbe

But the detail is right.

 I’ve had a few discussions with groups of

Written by hand

 I am a dinosaur.

Food Glorious Food

 I have been noticing lately in my reading some d


 I mentioned this in a previous post.

Nowhere you would know

 Setting – we have all read those reviews t

It’s all in the background

 If you read romance – or crime for that ma

Memorable days!

 Of course you know that today is Valentine&#8217

Just a bit spooky?

 I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but

Where to Begin?

 The opening of a book is important – has t

Crime tropes?

 Last week I was musing about romance tropes &#82


 When any  group of romance writers get together

Welcoming the New Year

 Traditionally New Year is the time for change an

Coming around again.

My new publisher, Joffe Books, who have taken ov

For one day only

Today Friday 8th I am the Joffe free book!

Deep dive research

 At the moment I am researching. Yes, really.

Indie Love

 The mass signing was on Saturday 18th and I had

Indie Love: Cardiff


Wottcha reading?

 And why?

The Christmas book

 As you know my Christmas book, What Happens at C

Indie Love Event

  Something big is happening in the romance world

Special extra post – for a cover reveal.

 Along with a huge group of amazing romance write

New Looks?

 You may have noticed that the first three of the