What Makes a Great Coach?

Coaching is a great responsibility and privilege that needs to be done intentionally and with clear purpose.

As a coach, you are an advocate and evangelist for your team. You are responsible for uncovering their “why” – what motivates them, what they care about, and what they want to achieve. Some people care about getting paid, while others care about winning and achieving success. Whatever it is, it’s your job to understand their needs and help them achieve their goals.

One of the most critical elements of coaching is building trust and transparency. As a coach, you need to understand where your team members are in their learning and career journey, what they want from you, and how often they want to meet. You need to establish a plan together and work towards it, whether that involves taking on a new role, being promoted, or improving their brand.

Communication is also vital in coaching. You need to over-communicate and send a lot of information to ensure that your team members understand the processes, see behind the curtain, and feel trusted and included. A good coach ensures that there is trust and transparency between leaders and teams, enabling them to do their best work.

At the heart of coaching is helping team members achieve their goals. This involves setting milestones, working towards goals, and being proactive in achieving them. A great coach is clear about expectations, sets goals, and proactively works towards them.

Finally, being a great coach also means being a good person, treating people with respect, and earning their trust. The best coaches lead by example and inspire their teams to achieve great things. Whether you’re a new coach or a seasoned veteran, at the heart of it all is just being a good person and treating people with respect.