Unlocking Doors: Mastering the Art of Landing Important Meetings

With time, consistent effort, the right networking approach and a differentiated value proposition, you can successfully land a meeting with anyone – prospect, hiring manager or mentor. Here’s how:

1. Prioritize your approach based on the warmth of connection, from live connections to blind outreach. It’s a probability game.

2. Stand out and differentiate yourself by bringing a unique message to the table. What value can you bring, and how can you serve your audience?

3. Utilize your network connections to find mutual contacts who can broker the meeting. If you can’t connect directly, find someone who can get you there.

4. If no apparent connections exist, consider calling or visiting the person directly, emphasizing your interest in learning from them.

5. Use social selling techniques to gather information and establish a connection, such as sending a #LinkedIn request with a personalized message and connecting with others who could know or influence them.

6. Stay consistent and respectful in your outreach, sharing relevant content and seeking their feedback.

7. Be patient and persistent, understanding that timing and perceived value play a significant role.

8. Leverage time to your advantage, as circumstances and personnel may change, creating new opportunities for a meeting.

9. Craft thoughtful and tailored messages to increase your chances of a response.

10. Utilize a variety of outreach methods and continue to differentiate the value you offer.

How do you approach getting important meetings? Share your strategies and tips in the comments below!