Things are looking up

I got a slow start on purpose this morning. That doesn’t mean my day started late. Frankie the bulldog let me know she needed breakfast about 5:30.

I took my time with coffee, pets, reading blogs. Then I went on a tangent to find a character on Pinterest. I saved several punk-type girls into a file I have for female character studies. Once I had a general idea in mind I started writing.

I created the girl from the college computer lab. She helped my supporting character with a tracking device, and with planting it on the bad guys. I’m really enjoying this character, because she’s kind of a bad ass herself.

Her back story is that she’s from Hong Kong and is studying to design her own computers. Part of that involves deconstruction and reverse engineering, which brings her neatly into my plot. I gave her a punkish vibe that seems to work well. Her hair is buzzed on one side, then pushed to the other in a spiral perm that’s been died cherry red. She has the attitude to go with it, too. As I weaved her into the story, I can see even more use for her character later on.

This might be similar to what I have in mind. I’ll bleed her backstory in later. Today was all about action.

I like the mix of her bad assed, Vespa riding self, against good boy Cody who still lives with his mother. I think I can have some fun there.

You guys know I love my Easter Eggs, so I’m including a big one here as part of the scenery. It involves a certain coast to coast broadcast that appears in multiple other stories of mine. This time Pete Rogers is taking calls about extra-terrestrials and Intelligence Officers who become whistle blowers. Nothing like being on the cutting edge of what’s happening out there.

All told, it came to over 2500 words today and this tale is starting to pick up steam.

I need to get Percy the Space Chimp to the same place. Right now, I have this bunch rocketing through space, and they need to get to a bigger adventure. There is plenty of personal growth and drama aboard the ship, but I need to check the recipe if you know what I mean. I might have too much in one place that’s better spread around.

Either way, I’m excited about the story with Jenny and Cody. I called the new character DEFRAG, but Cody needs to put in some effort before he learns her true name. I have it in mind that she’s a nice person, but people need to earn her trust.

Finally more productive and on par with what I expect of myself. I hope all of you are doing what you want this weekend, and are happy with your results.