The Power of Appreciation and Play in Teamwork – Connected Teamwork Podcast

How do you feel when you are genuinely appreciated, or get recreational time with your team? Appreciation and play can enhance team leadership, team members’ experiences, and overall team connectedness.

🎧 In the latest episode of Connected Teamwork, Olena Sergeeva & Taming Your Crocodiles author Hylke Faber of Growth Leaders Network join Microsoft Director & Salesman on Fire author Carson V. Heady to discuss appreciation and play for team connectedness. Check out the full episode here!  🎧

Reflecting on their own journeys through multiple stories, the hosts discuss instances where they witnessed or personally experienced teams lacking appreciation. Despite being successful and well-compensated, these teams exhibited intense and competitive atmospheres, often leaving team members feeling disconnected and unfulfilled.

People remember how they are made to feel, and fun, appreciation and playfulness in the workplace can enhance everyone’s experience and heavily influence outcomes as everyone brings their best selves.

💡 What have been your best examples of encouraging appreciation and play with your teams? 💡

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