Some days it all works out

I’m still fighting this cold, even though I returned to work on Thursday. It forced me out of bed around 6:00 to blow my nose and that signaled the dogs it was time for breakfast.

I sequestered myself in my office room, with a humidifier, and went to work.

I’m into it an honest 3500 words today. I really lunged the story forward, and the WIP is at 37,800 right now. It would be easy to keep going, but I have other things to attend to.

This is the scene where all the mystery boxes find answers, and that poses a new problem. I’m going to have to shift gears from learning about the mystery to figuring out what to do with the answers.

Jenny wanted to be an investigative reporter, and her story is in front of her. There are are a couple of other characters who need to wrap some things up.

I still have not accounted for the stalkers, and I will for the most part, but the story has to shift gears now. It stops being about what’s going on, and shifts to what to do about it, and how to protect themselves from those who want the answers for another reason.

I want it to come out at novel length, and think I can do that. However, I am worried about those who got engaged in the mystery being shifted to more of a cat and mouse game now. Will they stick with me, or will they bail out after the mystery is solved?

There is no way of knowing completely, and I intend to finish it the way I planned it. I’m loving the story and am excited about it. Maybe others will feel the same way.

In another aspect, one of the characters, Bai, dabbles with artwork. She made a rubbing of one of the biggest clues in the story. I think it would make a great book cover. She owns special crayons (not Crayola) to to make these. It is an imprint in a piece of concrete. I had her make it in brick-red. I could change the color for the purpose of a book cover. Grey might not stand out at thumbnail size, and black is kind of boring. Should I stick with Brick, or consider something else? Let me know if you have a better suggestion.

Now if I only had a title for this story. Can’t have everything, and I won’t let that damper my great writing day. Hope you are all enjoying yourselves doing something fun.