SALE!!! How to promote your own books – or maybe not!

People following this blog – yes, both of you – may remember at the end of last year that I had a go at self-publishing three of my books after the copyright was returned to me by their American publisher. I had reasonable sales at their launch (even if that included accidently buying a hard copy of Cast Off myself at the full price, rather than going through the author discount procedure).

I had earmarked Easter as the time to try one of the Amazon promotions to boost sales. So last week I opted to run a Kindle Countdown. Unfortunately I muddled up my and my, as well as the dates. But all is not lost, and I will know better next time.

The upshot is that one or other of the following books is on offer for 99c or 99p for all this week depending on which site you go to.

And, of course, they are all free on Kindle Unlimited.

And Alex Still Has Acne

An adventure story for teens of all ages.


Short stories about Shakespeare’s women.

Saving Grace

What kind of trouble has Grace got herself into? And can Courtney save her before it is too late?

Have a great Easter break, whatever it is you’re reading.