Peter Trudgill writes a column about the orig

Shrove Tuesday – Pancakes!!!!!!!!!!

This year, Shrove Tuesday will be on 13th Februar


Banning books is nothing new, and the banners inv

Remembering The Holocaust 2024

Saturday 27th was Holocaust Memorial Day.

What Have the Scots Ever Done for Us?

I won’t get into the number of eminent Scottish p

Buried Alive – And how to stop it

Who doesn’t have a lingering fear of being buried

The Origins of Panettone

I’m told many people in the UK abandoned the trad


Windrush has been in the news a lot for the past

Words For Our Time

Susie Dent is an English lexicographer and etymol

Rizz and the Christmas Spirit

The Oxford English Dictionary has just announced

Team Building

Christmas is coming and – ‘working from home’ not

Funny Man – Graham Linehan

I’ve just been reading Graham Linehan’s memoir, d

Counting Dead Women – Vigil in Coventry

Next Saturday, the 25th November, is Internat

How Germany Remembers Past Wars

Typically, on Remembrance Sunday in Britain, many

Am I Bad Enough to be Good?

Did you know that there are publishing houses tha

Men Don’t Gossip I have it on the highest authori

A Word in the News

There is a word that was in the news a lot last w

Bird Talk

I’m seeing a lot of robins about at the moment, n

Mother Tongue

I’ve just purchased a Kindle copy of Mother Tongu

On Logic and the Literal Truth

I had an eleven-year-old relative staying with me

Meet Jamie Orton, Film Earlsdon Volunteer

Today’s blog will be of interest to film lovers i

Meet Author A.A. Abbott

Today, I’m handing my blog over to a regular cont

“Was Bostin, Now Busted”

The Crooked House, once Britain’s wonkiest pub, w

What is a Woman?

Songs have been written about them for centuries and we thought we knew what, or rather…

Getting Steamed Up About a Sauna

I’m just back from Finland, a beautiful country with many lakes to swim in, and to…