Rules for Success: Avoiding Surprises, Taking Action, and Practicing Servant Leadership – Adam King & Carson Heady on “Salesman on Fire”

In a recent interview on the Salesman on Fire podcast, Adam King discussed his personal rules for success and how he applies them in his daily life. King’s rules were developed over the course of 15-20 years in sales, based on his experiences with both good and mediocre managers, as well as personal experiences.

One of King’s rules is to avoid surprises whenever possible. This includes everything from not wanting to be surprised by a missed number due to something that could have been controlled, to not enjoying surprise birthday parties. This rule extends to his interactions with others in both his personal and professional life. King believes that being proactive and avoiding surprises whenever possible helps him maintain a steady hand on the wheel and be transparent with his team about his expectations.

Another of King’s rules is to “do it now.” He believes that procrastination is a major enemy of progress, and that taking action in the present moment is the best way to move forward. King says he used to write reminders to himself on his windshield with a dry erase marker to ask himself if he had done everything possible to move the business forward that day. He believes that this rule applies not only to work, but to all aspects of life.

King also believes in the importance of servant leadership. He believes that being generous and giving back wherever possible is key to establishing a positive environment for both customers and employees. He is willing to get his hands dirty and help out whenever needed, even if that means taking out the garbage. King believes that showing up with a mindset of wanting to be helpful and create value for others is the best way to establish a positive and productive environment.

King’s rules have helped him establish a framework for success in his personal and professional life. By avoiding surprises, taking action in the present moment, and practicing servant leadership, he has created a positive and productive environment for himself and those around him. King’s experience shows that by taking the time to develop and live by a set of rules, anyone can achieve success and create a positive impact on those around them.