Odd kind of productivity

I managed about 1200 words today. Kind of lousy, but had some other projects I wanted to dedicate my time to.

One of my scenes involved a steamy event, and I’m moderately happy how it turned out. Yes, me. I wrote a steamy scene.

I also wanted to work on some research for my next Story Empire post. This took more time than I wanted, but I did it anyway. I roughed out the article, but am not completely happy with it. There are a few weeks left to whip it into shape, so I hope I can. This took up most of my available time.

Both of my WIPs are at a transition phase. I generally think too hard on these for decent ways to get to the next event in the tale. Think of it like a sine wave. I do well on the upward slope and apex, but the downhill side and trench slow me down.

In the story I’ve been working on there are two main characters. Jenny and Cody are mother and son. Right now, Cody has been stealing the spotlight, so I need Jenny to have a moment or two. As the parent, she’s the main decision maker, and I need to give her reasons to make the decisions.

As the author of this mess, I know where they’re going, when, what risks they’ll run into, and what they’re going to discover. I just need to make the transition flow smoothly.

I probably struggle with this more than I should, but it also keeps me from delivering a novel that’s only 30K long. I’m really enjoying this story, and want to do a good job with it.

How about you? Do you struggle with those transition scenes? Maybe you breeze right through the buggers. They’ve always been my bane.