Not much going on

I like to update at least weekly. Honestly, I missed a bunch of work due to this summer cold. Lots of hacking and phlegm. Things nobody really wants to know about.

I tried to dabble with my fiction, but sinus-type headaches aren’t conducive to good work. I moved the pegs a little, but nothing to brag about.

The story is in the messy middle and I don’t want to rush it. If it has to wait, then it has to wait. This summer cold won’t last forever, right? (It won’t will it?)

Old What’s Her Face has to work all weekend, so I’m mostly hanging out with the dogs. Left to my own devices, I returned to the kitchen.

I sliced some blackberries and added them directly to my batter this time. Probably why I didn’t get the sombrero bubble in the middle.

Then I painted the top with lemon curd on one side and ricotta on the other. More blackberries went inside, and I dusted it with powdered sugar, because why not.

I stole this version from somewhere on Pinterest, only they had blueberries instead. The cooked berries were a highlight, as was the lemon curd. Blackberries are always good, and the raw ones were great. I love ricotta, but didn’t see where it enhanced this recipe much.

Kind of wonder what marscapone would bring to the mix. I think it would tear my pancake, but Old What’s Her Face said if I mix it with the lemon curd first, it might be more spreadable.

I have enough for a repeat tomorrow, but no marscapone. Might have to be a project for a different day.