No progress for me this weekend

It depends on how you look at it. Old What’s Her Face is off this weekend and we have a bunch of errands to run and chores to take care of. Nothing interesting or blog worthy, but things everyone has to do.

I could bemoan the loss of my precious writing time, or be grateful for the bachelor weekend last week. I really moved the chains on my projects last weekend.

I will appreciate the time I had last weekend. It would be nice to work on my personal projects, but not at the expense of other things.

Any leisure time I get will probably focus on my own entertainment. We’ll go out to eat somewhere during our errands. I’ll probably do some reading or find something to watch later. I will probably read a couple of short stories while the car is getting serviced.

I can’t work all the time at the expense of other things.

I love writing, but it’s not everything I am. This weekend is about being moderately responsible and clearing the deck for my next big writing binge.