No aliens were harmed during this road trip

We woke up in Wyoming this morning about ten miles from Devil’s Tower. Of course we needed photos, and I took quite a few. This one is obligatory tourist photo #1.

This led us on a merry chase through the Black Hills. I wanted to go to Deadwood. We did, but it wasn’t real functional for this trip. Deadwood almost requires a long weekend all by itself. We had about an hour. I’ve done this before, and don’t recommend it, but the photo was taken through the windshield as we drove through.

There is virtually no parking in Deadwood, and while the shops look very appealing, we just didn’t have the time. There is one location that was on my daughter’s bucket list, and we needed that to work out more than satisfying my cowboy history desires. I’ve been to Deadwood before, and this trip has a timetable.

Obligatory tourist photo #2, because why not?

After that, South Dakota leaves a lot to be desired. It has all the charm of the Bonneville Salt Flats, but feels like it’s a thousand miles wide. This is where a self-driving Tesla might actually be worth it. If it fails somehow, South Dakota is so depressing you don’t mind dying.

I can tell you one thing, if I had to cross this in a covered wagon over the course of a month, I’d want to be drunk the entire time.

Minnesota wasn’t as bad, but close. We’re in Wisconsin tonight and have nothing but miles to gain tomorrow. While some of the big cities have plenty to offer, we aren’t dedicating that kind of time.

Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter.