Mastering the Winning Mindset: Embracing Fundamentals, Growth, and Resilience

You have to set the table before you can feast. We don’t talk about the fundamentals, prep & landing the step in front of us as much because it’s not as sexy as other buzzwords, but it’s essential for consistent winning.

The difference between winning and losing is how you’ve controlled the controllables, the foundation you set (prep, studying, research, knowing all of the nuances of the playing field) and how you execute. Small tweaks here or there in process can make fundamental differences. And there’s a significant amount of chance involved.

Life can deal some pretty cruel hands, but pray you keep getting dealt. It’s what we do with circumstances, talents, and situations that matters, and it’s how we learn, grow, adapt and keep moving forward that determines where we go on the journey.

Figure out who or what you need in order to win. Invest in those relationships – help them win! Be resourceful. Figure out why you lost and do it better next time.

It’s normal to be stung by change or unfairness – that happens to all of us. I’ve had jobs created for me and promised to me that were given to someone else, lost 2 jobs through no fault of my own, won an annual award only to have my role eliminated, had my top sellers and top customers moved elsewhere to balance the business time and time again.

Dust yourself off, take a look around at your new surroundings, determine what it takes to be successful in this new environment.

You know what you need to do. Do it!

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