Leveraging Social Media for Successful Sales: A Conversation with Darren McKee

The sales landscape has undergone a seismic shift, requiring salespeople to engage with customers in a unique and meaningful way. Social media has become a powerful tool for establishing oneself as a thought leader, reaching audiences, and discovering what matters most to potential customers. Darren McKee, a social selling influencer, shares his approach to creating relationships, establishing brand, and landing the meeting. He emphasizes the importance of investing in relationships over time, as they lead to opportunities and deals. The conversation also highlights how sellers can leverage social media and in-person interactions to stand out and achieve their goals, whether they be getting results or furthering their careers.

The interview between Darren and Carson highlights the shift in selling and social. They both agree that social media has been a game-changer in the sales industry, and it has allowed them to reach more people, have more fun, and bring in more revenue. Darren emphasizes the importance of positioning oneself as a thought leader, by posting related content to the industry and showing up where the prospects are. He also mentions that relationships are key to deals happening and that social media provides a portal into the lives of key stakeholders. Carson adds that social media gives a window into the target clients, and it’s essential not to discriminate against any medium, including Twitter and Instagram. He concludes by saying that talking about sales and leadership has become easier, and the pandemic has opened up opportunities to talk to anyone, anywhere.