Learning from Leadership Mistakes: Building Trust and Valuing People – Jeff Kirchick & Carson Heady

What are the worst leadership mistakes you’ve witnessed? When managers fail to obsess over people, are reactionary and fail to create and execute strategy consistently, they are inevitably headed towards disaster.

Sales VP and author Jeff Kirchick joins Microsoft Director and Salesman on Fire author Carson V. Heady to discuss the topic of worst leadership mistakes they have witnessed personally. They emphasize the importance of learning from mistakes in order to improve leadership skills.

Carson shares an example from his career as a sales manager, where he competed with another newly promoted sales manager. The other sales manager focused on getting rid of underperforming team members without investing time in understanding and developing them. As a result, Carson’s team consistently outperformed the other manager’s team and they could not understand why.

Jeff’s experience revolves around a company he worked for that had a high turnover rate and lost many talented individuals over time. He reflects on the missed potential of the company due to their failure to value and retain talented employees.

These key learnings emphasize the need for leaders to focus on building trust, investing in their team members, and valuing their contributions. By avoiding common leadership mistakes and adopting a people-centered approach, leaders can cultivate successful and engaged teams.