Imposter Syndrome – How to Identify & Quell the Feeling of Inadequacy – Jeff Kirchick & Carson Heady

Imposter syndrome – when an individual doubts their skills, talents, or accomplishments and has a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud” – is real, and here is how to approach & quell these feelings. #Sales author & Dvinci ( leader Jeff Kirchick joins Microsoft’s Carson V. Heady, author of Salesman on Fire, to discuss. Even though it is quite common to doubt it, we have earned the right to be where we are. These doubts can stem from surroundings, tendencies toward perfectionism and being surrounded by dynamic, brilliant people and wondering if you fit in. Acknowledge the presence of these feelings and seek to understand from where they originated; slow it down and attempt to discern how you can best proceed. Focus on people and genuinely attempting to show up with value, whatever that may look like. Constructive advice from mentors and perspective from colleagues is a true blessing that can What unique superpowers can you bring to the situation for your relationships? Ask how you can help, control what you can, understand how you can positively impact and influence. #career #impostersyndrome #leadership #motivation #inspiration #growthmindset #lifelonglearner