How Do We Optimize the Controllable Components of Productivity? – Amanda Holmes & Carson Heady

How effectively we manage our time is critically aligned to our #productivity and impact. How do we optimize the controllable components of productivity?

The incredible CEO of Chet Holmes International, Amanda Holmes joins Microsoft #sales #leader Carson V. Heady to discuss.

It all starts with the realization of why this focus is important: Gallup reports 75% of staff is disengaged in their work. We are often deterred by distractions, minutiae, our reactive nature and incessant desire to address notifications immediately.

The 6 steps to great time management:
(1) Touch it once. Don’t read and re-read e-mails or check them upon receipt. Take action and move on.
(2) Make Lists. What are your daily non-negotiables that you must achieve?
(3) Plan How Much Time Is Needed for your non-negotiables – block off time to be proactive vs. reactive.
(4) Plan Your Day – This includes time needed for proactive and reactive work.
(5) Prioritize: Make sure most of the day is focused on proactive work.
(6) Ask Yourself: How much will it hurt to throw this away? What do we TRULY need to hold on to?

Prioritize your non-negotiables and be vigilant in your scheduling. Ensure you are most focused on high impact work.

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