How Can You Still Achieve Maximum Motivation in an Increasingly Virtual World?

**How can you still achieve maximum #motivation in an increasingly #virtual world?**

Not everyone has been infected, but everyone is affected by the state of 2020.

It can be challenging to get up for another day of work without the buzz of the office or the joy of meeting others in person to look forward to.

Make your daily list.

Celebrate even the “small” wins you are able to achieve and check off.

Create a “joy list” – a list of things that bring you joy that when the opportunity presents itself, you can do to put you in a positive mindset.

Exercise? Reading? Writing? Meaningfully connecting with others by phone or video? Nature? A drive?

Schedule time – to invest in yourself (lunches, breaks – anything!) and in meaningful connecting with others.

Slow it down. Control what you can control, moment by moment. We’re all in this together. Check on each other. Be good to each other… and to yourself!

Stay safe, and thanks for watching! #relationships #salespeople #collaborate #digitalselling #teams #eq #lifelonglearner #growthmindset #prioritization #selling #sales