How AI and Automation are Impacting Sales in 2023 – Jeff Kirchick & Carson Heady

Great sellers embrace every tool that helps them save time and show up better with knowledge and perspective to build authentic relationships. The effective use of automation and AI in sales is raising the bar.

Sales VP and author Jeff Kirchick and I discuss.

Firstly, we need to embrace our authenticity and what makes us human to be great sellers. While AI can personalize e-mails, it can’t build relationships based on shared values and experiences like we can.

Secondly, there are AI technologies out there that can help us instead of replace us. Tools like Humantic AI use neural linguistics to help understand the persona of the person you’re selling to and adjust your approach accordingly.

Let’s not view AI as a threat, but as a complement to our sales strategy. AI and automation makes our information-gathering quicker and more efficient, automates tasks to save us time, and gives us valuable insights.

These great tools make the best sellers better if used appropriately. The future is now, so let’s embrace it!