Give Yourself a Break with a Book

In many countries, the time between mid-December and New Year’s is fraught with frenzied activity. It’s traditional to buy gifts for Christmas and Hanukkah, though the retail madness of the United States is not common everywhere.

Even without a lot of shopping, there are holiday cards, home decorations, baking, office or neighborhood parties, and the continuing concern that you won’t get it all done. Plus, if you have to travel, now you have to worry about airplane delays. If you drive, there could be the dreaded snow and ice to slow things down.

Who has time to read?

Yet, having a few minutes with a book before bed or at lunch in the office might save your sanity. Do make it a book. If you open a magazine there will be reminders (usually in the forms of ads) of what’s on your to-do list.

From the Univ of Dayton Library

When my mind races, I sometimes pick up something I’ve read previously. I don’t keep a lot of books, so last weekend I went to the sales room Friends of the Library maintains at Chatham Library and found a copy of Robert Harris’ Pompei. I love that book — a great story, a threatened romance, and lots about water. Plus, the volcano. Even though you know Vesuvius is about to blow, the suspense is intense.

I just finished Daniel Silva’s Portrait of an Unknown Woman, which is very different than other Gabriel Allon novels. The spymaster has retired, so focus is again on the art world of Europe. And so much humor in the dialogue! 

I deliberately picked up paperbacks the last couple times I visited the library. Audiobooks in the car are my daily reward, but I have to slow down to read a physical book. 

Did you forget about your list for a few minutes? Good. Now pick out a book and promise yourself you’ll read for at least fifteen minutes.

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