Embrace the Truth: Challenging Limiting Beliefs for Leadership Growth – Taming Your Crocodiles

For whatever reasons, we may feel that we need to be perfect or constantly active in pursuit of results or we won’t be loved or appreciated. It’s important to challenge these beliefs and lead from a place of truth.

Author, leadership coach and speaker Hylke Faber joins Carson V. Heady on The Crocodile School Podcast to discuss. Check out the full discussion here: https://lnkd.in/efqc4DVt

Taming your crocodiles is all about challenging limiting beliefs and unlearned fears to unlock our leadership potential.

Is it true that we won’t be appreciated without results?

Is it true that what others say is impossible is truly so?

Our crocodiles – those negative voices that tell us we can’t achieve our goals – can be challenged or disected as we lean in to the voices of our owls, or internal wisdom. But we have to slow down or shrink our bubbles sometimes to drown out the noise to find space to do so.

Hylke tells us that the capital T truth is like a corkscrew – it helps to free ourselves from those things that are not true about ourselves, so that what is true can come to the foreground. We all have this universal capacity for truth, and we know when we think or say something that is true or not true.

We all have the capacity for truth, and it’s up to us to embrace it amidst what our crocodiles tell us and use it to become our best selves.

Taming Your Sales Crocodiles
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