Different kind of day

Once again, I failed to produce new words. Everything I did was writing related, but it doesn’t involve the new stories.

After getting paid, and paying the bills, I reached out to my formatter. Once I get the invoice, I’ll take care of that immediately.

I then decided to make just one more pass over the MS. There were two places where I wanted to use the word ‘baritone’ in the story. It’s an author thing, I suppose.

This led to another pass over the manuscript, and I’m still excited to share it with everyone.

I’m parked on cover art, and will share it once everything comes together. I’m hoping to have a May release for this one. It’s been finished since Fall, but I’ve been fiddling with other things.

I also have a finished MS for Lizzie & the hat, and hopefully can get it together for the Halloween season this year.

In other news:

My daughter’s boyfriend has worked his butt off over the last few months to become an air traffic controller. He passed everything with flying colors. This led to a lot of debate about where he would get assigned, but he got what he wanted. He’s going to the Boston site, but it’s actually situated in New Hampshire.

This means Dad get’s to help his daughter move to New Hampshire. We’re leaving on April 8th and I took the whole week off. I’m looking forward to some quality father/daughter time, and we’re not going to kill ourselves just to get finished.

She needs her car, so that’s what we’re taking, then I’ll fly home.

We’re taking a northerly route, and honestly if we had passports, I’d have taken the Canadian highways. I’m not a fan of gigantic cities or traffic, but I can handle them.

Our route has such things along the way as Yellowstone, Devil’s Tower, the Buffalo National Grasslands, Deadwood, Mt. Rushmore, Lake Erie, and Niagara Falls. (She’s excited to see Mt. Rushmore and Niagara Falls, so that’s why we chose that route.)

Mom, Old What’s Her Face, and my daughter are encouraging me to visit Salem while I’m back there, and I have a hunch it will happen.

This means, I have to work next week, then we’re out of here. I might wind up doing a few quick posts from the road, or I might save it all for when I get home, but I’ll share some things here when I can.

There are mixed emotions for sure. The East Coast is a long way from Idaho, and we’re not exactly made of money as far as visiting every year. I’m excited for them to begin their lives, and am honestly looking forward to the trip.

Watching the weather with some trepidation, but we’re both good winter drivers. The biggest obstacle might be whether the highway through Yellowstone is open or not. It really is the best route and not chosen specifically for the park. If we have to go around it will be a bummer and add a lot of miles.