Coaching Culture, Digital Brand & The Importance of Practice

How can leaders create a coaching culture, empower teams, expand influence with social media & take their teams to the next level by making “practice” a part of regular execution?

Kelsan #Sales VP Justin Clark joins Microsoft Director & #1 social seller Carson V. Heady on Salesman on Fire to discuss.

It begins with intentionality – identify why it is important to have a winning, strong, diverse and inclusive culture that isn’t exactly like us.

Leaders don’t exist to be the heroes; they are the hero-makers. Strong coaches are not reactive and it’s not important for them to be the smartest person in the room. Understand your team’s why, invest in them, and show you trust them by letting them execute as they see fit.

Find people that will enhance everyone else on your team because their strengths are unique and they complement the whole. Not only are you building a team, but you’re building a leadership reputation and attracting future talent by the moves you make.

We can help them see around corners, but it’s not our job to analyze every facet of their process. We can certainly advise ways they can broaden impact and improve outcomes, but we leave the call on how they do it with them.

The role of the leader is relatively invisible in the day to day. Inspect, be available, communicate frequently and transparently so your team is armed with everything they need to be successful. Remove legitimate barriers to success so the road there is clearer.

Justin and Carson discuss how leaders can best leverage digital to enhance brand and influence teams plus how making “practice” normal in the workplace takes everyone to the next level.

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