Books for the New Year

Best wishes for 2023. Most of us are probably be hoping for something a little better than 2022 turned out to be: more world peace, less political turmoil at home, and a final ebbing of covid and flu (and avian flu). Coming after two pandemic filled years and all the restrictions that they entailed, 2022 was hardly a blast. I’m tempted to sing ‘Things can only get betterrrr,’ But that didn’t help much over the last couple of years, so I’ll keep shtum. Perhaps I’ll spend New Year’s Day reading (Colm Toibin’s The Master, and Karen Ingala Smith’s Defending Women’s Spaces, since you ask.

If you are tempted to do the same and have nothing to hand you fancy reading, let me remind you of my books that are currently available on Amazon. All can be downloaded as e-books for under £3, or are free on Kindle Unlimited.

Here are some direct links to individual books:

And Alex Still Has Acne – An adventure story for teens of all ages. £6.99, e-book £1.99. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

CAST OFF – short stories about some of Shakespeare’s female characters, and what they get up to when not on stage. £6.99, e-book £1.99. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Saving Grace.

What kind of trouble has Grace got herself into? And can Courtney save her before it is too late? £6.99, e-book £1.99. Free on Kindle Unlimited. (originally published as Girl Friends)

Silent Echoes. Loosely based on family memories. The Carters seem just like any other family. Apart, that is, from the life changing events nobody wants to talk about. Will history just keep repeating itself? Ebook-£1.99, Print-£7.99.

Finally, if you’re short of money, and still looking for a Christmassy read, try Festive Treats – a FREE anthology of Christmas stories, including one of mine: Mary’s Christmas.

Festive Treats