Battling Burnout in Challenging Times

In challenging times, it’s more common for sales leaders – or any professional – to burn out. The doers and drivers tend to work even harder to try to find a path to success. How can we address and alleviate this exhaustion?

Author and sales leader Jeff Kirchick joins Microsoft‘s Carson V. Heady, author of Salesman on Fire to discuss.

It is critical to first acknowledge and address the existence of these feelings along with why you’re feeling them; burnout is a joyless state complicated by exhaustion and hopelessness. It can be helpful to revisit what you can control, who you can confide in and outlets that provide relief.

Furthermore, applying ruthless discipline to your schedule in an attempt to move away what’s not mission critical helps you achieve your daily non-negotiables and can lighten the overall load.

Stripping away some of what is stressing you can help you rekindle the love of the game, but infusing more of your outside passions – family, hobbies, exercise – can provide a significant boost as well. Depending on the severity, additional professional help might be needed.

When you’re running on fumes, you need fuel. You can’t keep driving, much less drive harder. Be sure you get the help you need.
And if you are a leader, know that this is an important time to be even more at the pulse of your people and aware of their well-being than ever.

Where do you get the fuel you need when you are feeling burnt out?