Assume the Position

Assume the position. The best way to get the role you want is to show the people in the hiring process that you’re the obvious choice, and when there is an opening you sign up for everything the role entails.

In my career, I have gotten 8 promotions. I’ve also been passed up countless times, which I point out because even if you’ve controlled everything you can and become the obvious choice, it doesn’t guarantee anything. There are always numerous forces at play.

What you can control is how you stretch beyond your role to show your value and de-risk the decision to promote you. How do you seek and understand the problems your senior leadership has, solve them and share your solutions for the benefit of others? How do you lead from whatever seat you are in?

Furthermore, when a role becomes available, raise your hand. Offer to serve; to fill whatever gaps are left by the void of the person who vacated the role. Getting an interim role does not guarantee you’ll get the full time position, but it does guarantee valuable experience, enhanced brand and likely a shot – which is what you need to get the position.

Finally, always remember that if it isn’t this job or promotion, it’s the next one, or the one after that. Dedicate yourself to delivering value, serving others and being a multiplier and there is a guarantee: you’ll go far.

Assume the position.