Another road trip

Work is sending me for some training on Monday. I’m going to be squeezed a little for time while I’m on the road. I mention this, because I’m expecting blog comments.

I have two new promotional posts scheduled for everyone. I went with Tuesday and Thursdays for these. My hope is that I can sneak off to my hotel during lunch and respond to everyone then. I hope you’ll be a little patient with me, but I will get to everyone.

Monday is a travel day, as is Friday. I’m going to Savannah, Georgia for the week. I’ve googled the images and it looks beautiful. Of course, I’ll spend most of my time locked up in a conference room, but the evenings are mine.

Two of my travel companions are way excited and already booked us into some restaurants. One has a pirate theme, so there could be rum involved. They also talked us into a ghost tour as a group. You know they didn’t have to twist my arm. I already bought my ticket online.

My hope is that my Muse will walk a few blocks with me. I’m a couple of years out on stories, but a seed or two for the future is fine by me.

I’m actually excited about the training this time, too. It’s been a long time since I got to dabble in something new and am looking forward to it.

I was thinking about writing tomorrow, but there is a lot going on. I’m torn between The Kentucky Derby and the coronation of King Charles. One comes along yearly, but the other one is once in a lifetime.

I kind of want to party like I’m on the infield and look at girls in hats while I view the roads each horse took to the big race.

On the other hand, the coronation is history happening… and there could be girls in hats.

Drinks are on me either way, since I’m not physically at either event.

What to do? What to do? I have a story coming up soon that involves horse racing and an opportunity to bring back the headless horseman. Lizzie and the Pythons could get a party gig in Louisville fairly easily for this story. I’m certain to start writing it this year.

I have no royalty stories planned at all, but maybe I need one. Could be some temptation for Lorelei the Muse to watch the coronation.

Tonight, I’m watching the residue from May the Fourth. Right now Yoda is kicking some butt on television. I may be out of commission again this weekend. There are some decent distractions going on and that’s okay sometimes, too.

Have a good weekend everyone. Tell me what you would choose. Maybe you’d just stick with Yoda. Stick with me, there are some interesting things coming about Once Upon a Time in the Swamp next week. I really appreciate all the sharing and reblogging you’ve put out there on my behalf.