AI in sales: will it replace or enhance the field sellers? The answer is clear.

The debate on AI in sales boils down to this: used incorrectly, you will fail in forming authentic relationships & earning the right to be a trusted advisor. But the greats will shine even greater, utilizing it to enhance knowledge & insights.

As a lifelong student of sales, I’m often asked if AI will make great salespeople obsolete. My answer? Absolutely not. AI will enhance my job and make me even better.

Sure, AI can provide me with valuable intel and insights, but it’s what I do with that information that truly matters.

As a huge James Bond fan, I always think back to that scene in Skyfall where Bond and Q discuss the role of agents in the field. Despite Q’s focus on innovation and technology, Bond knows that there will always be a need for someone in the field whose instincts must be trusted to take action.

The same applies to field sellers. AI can make us better, but it will never replace the human touch that makes us unique. So, to all the field sellers out there, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re not becoming obsolete anytime soon.

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