2019 … What if?

Well, the first question is – where did 2018 go? It only seems five minutes since it was New Year’s Eve last year!

One way or another 2019 is going to be a big year – and that has nothing to do with politics, I hasten to add. The day job, a.k.a the PhD, has to be completed, so that is the first priority. Actually, it’s the only priority. At the moment the thing is a MESS, but I am working on it. I hope it will get better, soon.

Once that is off my hands, and it will not be until August, I’m afraid, I can get back to some writing again, which will be a relief, as I have sooooo many books all lined up and demanding to be written. I think it is a plot, or a trick of the mind, or something. As I know thereĀ is no hope of writing any of them now, they are buzzing around like bees on a buddleia, Enough for about the next twenty years or so. Once the day job is finally wrapped up, all of them will be off into the sunset, I bet you. Won’t see the little blighters for dust. All there will be is a pile of obscure post-it notes that don’t make sense. I bet that too.

I don’t do resolutions – all those more or lesses – you know, eat less, exercise more. I do have hopes though. And there is something about a brand new year.

Potential, and maybe just a shiver of excitement? Possibilities?

Time for that classic writer’s question – What if?

New adventures? Maybe. I don’t have plans – ‘cos PhD, but it would be nice to do some new things this year, even, just maybe, have a proper holiday?

Who knows? Except that before you know it another new year will be rolling around?

Life’s like that.

Make the most of this one.