Writing rework in order

Right, I’ve realised I’m going to need to do a spot of rework on the layout of Powerless book #3.

I’ve had a boost of writing lately, which is great, but it’s also revealed to me I’ve got too many chapters planned where not much happens, and it looks like I inserted them just so that one of the groups of people the book follows doesn’t disappear from the narrative for too long.

And even just looking at the outline in Scrivener, there’s clearly a ‘holding pattern’ happening in the final third where things slow down a couple of times when they should be speeding up. So what I need to do to clarify thing, for my own understanding, is look again at the main story threads and see if they can’t be woven together in a more dynamic way.

Also I came up with an idea for Maria at kind of the last minute, so currently she does something part way through which then never materialises into anything interesting – that needs fixing.

However, I’m not put off by this! If anything I’m feeling more confident about the whole book as I can start to see how it can be better, and it feels like everything is slotting into place the further I write into it.