What am I up to?

Hello again!

It’s been a while since Part 2 of The Murder Club launched online and after having a short break I’m ready to get back to work.

But, as always, I have to work out what is the priority. I have several ideas churning around in my head, and I’m currently bouncing back and forth between them, doing outlines, pieces of dialogue, character designs etc. to see what sticks. So, here’s my current ideas list:

As for the Powerless sequel, I’ve probably left it a bit too long to write a follow up to be honest. I’ve seen stats where they recommend that if you’re writing a series they should be one year apart, maximum. Killing Gods was published in 2014! Can’t believe it was that long ago, but then I did get distracted by writing shorter books, created the Powerless comic and then went straight from that into The Murder Club.  The sequel is already 1/4 written, but I need to refresh my memory of the outline and actually start writing again.

I already have The Murder Club volume 2 mostly outlined, and I’m pretty excited about the story. Where Useless Deaths was more of an introductory piece, the second volume really dives down into both Lisa and Tom’s characters and has some shocking scenes planned!

A 10 book series! I must be crazy 🙂 Well, I think I’ve got a good hook for this one, and they would “only” be novellas – about 20k words each – certainly doable. I’ve already created a detailed outline but it currently needs a lot more work on the characters themselves. So, something for the back burner for now.

And as if spending 18 months creating one graphic novel wasn’t enough, I’ve only gone and come up with a fantastic idea for another series! The idea really excites me, but, compared to The Murder Club, it will need a LOT of research and concept work, mainly due to it being set in the future. For this one I’ve decided I can’t do the full art by myself, so if I was to go ahead I would do the lineart only and look for an inker, colourist and letterer to help me out.

Having worked in the professional videogame industry for 16 years, it was perhaps inevitable that I would one day want to create my own game. I’ve decided to go simple and make a visual novel style game – similar to titles like Cinders and Steins;Gate. However, this wouldn’t be a fantasy or science fiction game, but a contemporary crime drama set in the US. This is still in the planning stages, however.

And of course that’s not all I’m doing. I’m still busy with level design work for GRIP as well as another title I can’t reveal right now, so they are taking up a lot of my time. But “ya gots to pay the bills!” as they say 😀

So, any preferences yourselves? I’m still undecided.