Welcome 2023

Happy New Year dear visitors. The image above is from my collection of ‘photographs I might find useful in the blog’ but am unikely to have noted where or when I took it. Ah well! Some things never change. I suspect it’s in a corner of the wonderfully Gothic Manchester Town Hall and I thought it would make a good set for Harry Potter filming.

Yes! I have set aside GH as the go-to comfort read and am re-reading the HP books from the beginning. This was a book group prompt. As the book group marked 25 years, we chose the first HP which was also marking 25. What a consumate story-teller Joanne Rowling is.

Let me explain about my new keyboard. It has brighter easy to read letters but I’m finding it difficult to establish a typing rhythm. So – we have the missing letter and also the repeated letter. Sorry, I’m hoping it improves or I may have to revert to the old one and buy a stronger light.

Contrary to the image of Scots at New Year, I was in the land of nod before eleven last night. However, I did cook a slighlty special meal this evening and again turned to an old and reliable cook book. My battered copy of Rosemary Hume and Muriel Downes -Cordon Bleue Cookery falls open at favourite recipes but also turns up trumps when some basic information is needed. How to stuff a pork fillet? was the question. You could use the paté leftover from the family card game lunch on Friday was the answer. Togeter with roasties using leftover goose fat and leftover brie, It was pretty satisfactory.

No resolutions here. They don’t work for me. However, I did clear the detritus from my desk and walked 15 mins to church and 15 mins back.