Wednesday Wanderings …we’re off to Corfu with Francesca Catlow

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Time to wander to Corfu…
I first stayed in Agios Stefanos in 2018. It was my son’s first holiday; he was only 7 months old. His first steps into the sea were in the med. The soothing rows of bubbles tickled his toes, he’d grab handfuls of sand just to feel it and I could see everything like it was not only my first time in Corfu, but as though it were my first time on a Greek island. My parents had been there before, which again left us able to be led round, wide eyed to it all. 
They showed us around all of their favourite tavernas. From the dancing at Little Prince, the fire starting at Zorbas, the views across the bay at Fantasea and the toes-almost-touching-the-sand setting of Waves. It had everything. Even the stray cats there are by far the cleanest and most well looked after I’ve ever seen on any Greek island.
As we went through the week, my baby boy charmed everyone he met. With the welcoming Greek family attitudes, he made friends everywhere. After only one week I felt attached to the island in a way I hadn’t expected. I’d been drawn in by the calm sea and burning sands, the friendly faces, the shops with unique little ornaments, and traditional tavernas where every mouthful tastes organic and fresh. But really, it was the wonder in my wander. 
Everything was oddly surreal. Maybe it’s the sleep deprived haze of being a parent, but there was the right amount of ‘in it’ and ‘detached’ to feel like I was able to take it all in. Every detail, every humming insect on the evening breeze, every fish that brushed my ankle, almost each grain of sand.
While writing this, Greece is still on the Government’s ‘amber’ list of countries. This means many holiday makers can only wander to the likes of Greece via the films, T.V., blogs and books, like my novel set in Corfu: ‘The Little Blue Door’. 
I’m lucky, I’m double vaccinated and ready to fly soon to support the real people of Corfu (rather than the imagined people of my book). Most of the places I wrote about are real – it’s just the human content that’s different. 
If you do happen to wander over to Corfu while I’m there, I’ll hopefully be hosting a launch party and book signing (of sorts) and would love to know where else in Greece you like to wander.
(Corfu images from Pixabay)
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