Over the last couple of months, I’ve read lots of short stories of various genres and watched a mega load of movies. When I’m not at my best I find that my mind is all over the place and sitting down for hours to write is not possible. Even if I have an organized workplace and the correct tools to hand, I can only concentrate and focus for an hour at a time, tops. Therefore, to occupy my mind, I have taken the opportunity to emerge myself in other peoples work.

    I didn’t realise since I’m not a regular movie goer, or TV viewer, that there were so many movies alike. Duh. Yes, I can hear you ask where have you been? But, it’s not until I’ve watched so many, one after the other, that it has become obvious as to how similar all stories actually are.

     “So, if it’s already written, been dramatised, why should we read another fiction piece, go to the movies and theatre or watch TV?” I asked myself. The thing is, each of these creations has a uniqueness. That special twist, or turn that makes the piece stand out from the crowd.

   Just like this ironing-board standing in the middle of nowhere! Definitely standing out from the crowd. Unique!