Three more sleeps!


I have three more sleeps until publications day and I can’t wait! Seriously, I haven’t been this excited about a book being launched for a little while. It might be the lockdown situation of recent months, the time of year or even, that it’s been 16 months since my last publication. Whatever the reason, I am thrilled to be in this position knowing that I get to share my latest book with my readers in a matter of days. 

So what have I been up in the meantime? I’ve been busy, that’s what! On Friday, I delivered numerous books to libraries in my local area. I like to know they have copies prior to publication day which allows library users to enjoy the book on the same day as other readers. It might seem unimportant to most, but the sheer delight of the librarians knowing they can offer a brand-new book on the actual day is a joy to see – they love it! I posted several copies to Shetland’s library, which is only right given that I’ve written about their beautiful islands. They don’t know it but they are briefly included in book 2.

Whilst writing this book, I had to request permission from a kindly gent asking if I could include and mention in my story a specific tartan which he had designed called the ‘Spirit of Shetland’. Thankfully, he was very generous allowing me to include the details so, I’ve posted him a ‘thank you’ book too.

The most exciting surprise I’ve arranged will happen on Thursday. In fact, I keep giggling each time I think about it. I’m not going to share the details yet, but if you follow me on Twitter @ErinGreenAuthor you’ll be one of the first to know.

Having organised and arranged numerous parcels, I did the only thing available to me; I sat and reread the entire book. It took two days but I loved every moment of it – slightly bias, I know. I might have written it, know the story inside and out, but it still made my laugh and cry!