Three Gloriously Restored WWII Classics: THE DAM BUSTERS , DUNKIRK & ICE COLD IN ALEX

 Commemorate the bravery of a nation at war and experience all the explosive drama across land, sea and air with a stunning trio of classic WWII films from Britain, all digitally restored in HD for optimal viewing. Previously only available in North America in the 5-disc BD collection, THEIR FINEST HOUR, these three acclaimed award-winners are available as individual Blu-ray releases for the very first time, including Michael Anderson’s Oscar-nominated THE DAM BUSTERS (1955), as well as two box-office hits, DUNKIRK (1958) and ICE COLD IN ALEX (1958).


Capturing the spirit of British inventiveness and dogged determination, THE DAM BUSTERS (1955) tells the thrilling true story of Operation Chastise, the Royal Air Force’s successful 1943 strike on the German industrial heartland. Faced with a seemingly impossible objective, engineer and scientist Dr. Barnes Wallis (Michael Redgrave) develops “bouncing bombs” for Wing Commander Guy Gibson (Richard Todd) and the pilots of 617 Squadron to use during their daring raid on the Ruhr Valley dams.
Shot in black and white to allow the integration of original footage of the bombing trials, the film boasts spectacular aerial combat sequences, which would become a major inspiration for Star Wars ’ climactic final assault on the Death Star. (125 mins. | 1.37:1 Original Aspect Ratio | Mono)
My Thoughts 

The Damn Busters is based on the true story of Barnes Wallis who came up with a plan using hydroelectric dams along the Ruhr River. He used the force of the water to increase the power of the bombs. The movie takes us through the process of setting the plan in motion. It many crews and nine weeks, but some might say they were a contributing factor to the Allies winning the war.

One of the most authentic cinematic representations of World War II, DUNKIRK (1958), directed by Leslie Norman, recounts the dramatic events of Operation Dynamo, the Royal Navy’s evacuation of over 350,000 Allied troops from Nazi-occupied France in 1940. Told from dual perspectives, the epic film follows stranded British Army Corporal “Tubby” Binns (John Mills) and civilian volunteers Charles Foreman (Bernard Lee) and John Holden (Richard Attenborough), whose destinies intersect on the beaches of Dunkirk. 

My Thoughts

Dunkirk is a World War II film passed on a real battle that book place in Dunkirk, France. When thousands of troops were stranded, and almost led to most of the British army being eliminated. A fleet of ships sets out to save them in what has become known as a miracle of deliverance. A great film that teaches real history facts.

The year is 1942. Along the barren North African coast where war has turned towns into smoking ruins, Captain Anson (John Mills), a commanding officer in the Royal Army Service Corps, is tired and thirsty. Separated from his unit while evacuating Tobruk, Anson must navigate a dilapidated ambulance with desperate passengers across perilous, enemy-patrolled terrain. Hundreds of miles away in Alexandria, safety and an ice cold beer await. Nominated for four BAFTA Awards and winner of the FIPRESCI Prize at the 1958 Berlin International Film Festival, ICE COLD IN ALEX from director John Lee Thompson remains one of the most gripping war epics ever made. 

My Thoughts

Ice Cold in Alex is an award-winning film Captain Arson. It’s a commanding officer stationed in North Africa. When he gets separated from his unit, he needs to find his way to safety through enemy territory.  This film is a really different take on a war story because instead of violence and gun fights, its more about the internal traumas of war. Great this or any of this three movies in stores now or online at Amazon.