The Murder Club – two reviews

The Murder Club: Useless Deaths – Part 2 was released a couple of weeks ago (follow the links on The Murder Club page to buy) and I’ve already got two fantastic reviews.

The first comes courtesy of John Freeman at Down The Tubes, a great site all about UK comics and the indie scene. Some choice quotes:

Tony delivers an involving, layered plot with two gruesomely convincing characters … whose antics conjure a near hypnotic attraction as you’re drawn into their disturbing lives.

This is definitely one of my favourite independent comic reads of the year. Try it – you’ll be hooked…

Go read the full review now and check out the site.

The second review comes from Fanbase Press, who were kind enough to review Part 1 last year and have now reviewed Part 2, giving it even higher praise.

Lisa is the perfect protagonist: dark, mysterious, devious, and cunning. Yet, despite her psychopathy, there is something that endears the reader to her.

Again, as with Part 1, the art is phenomenal. I love the way it complements the storyline, bringing these characters to life through expressions and action.

The full review is here.

I am really pleased to have gathered such superb reviews already, and hopefully there are some more to come. If this has piqued your interest, the Amazon series page is here and you can also buy physical copies of Part 1 at Vault 29 (Part 2 to come soon).

Thanks, Tony.