The ‘gears’ of an author

You only realise what a job entails when you’re doing it, right? Being an author is no different. You start out thinking that all authors simply sits and write all day – nothing more. You’re correct if talking about authors in the last century. Nowadays the tasks and role of an author vary considerably to the previous generation of authors.

Last week, I was completing my copy edits which means agreeing or disagreeing with the comments of the editor chosen to scrutinise my manuscript. She’s highlighting errors in punctuation, grammar, word choice, syntax and highlighting any repetitions of words/phrases. I’ve a habit of using certain words which becomes annoying to a reader when they are squashed onto the same page, resulting in some readers being drawn out of the story to analyse the language. Copy editing isn’t my favourite task, second least favourite in fact but better than structural edits! This time was more enjoyable as I did fall back in love with my story having had a slight absence in recent weeks from the characters.

At the beginning of the week, I was shown the front cover design for my Christmas book (to be published 28th Sept 2023) so I asked if we could do a ‘cover reveal’ across the social media platforms on Friday. My publishers quickly created media cards and sent me a copy of each. I created a small movie clip using the book cover media cards provided – I eventually added some music which relates to a specific scene in the Christmas book. I launched that on Friday at midday across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok! I’m the caretaker of ‘ErinGreenAuthor’ social media accounts each day. 

I was informed halfway through last week that there was a special promotion happening in July for the UK relating to Book 3 of my Shetland series so media cards arrived for that, plus the current price promotion in the USA for ‘Taking a Chance on Love’ ebook at 99 cents which ran for one week. 

Now social media doesn’t sound time consuming, creating a post, making it live and then allowing it to do its job but, and this is where an author has to choose how they conduct themselves. I answer every reader who contacts me via social media. I interact, I respond, I encourage aspiring authors, I take interest in the non-author community, I like, I retweet, I help promote others. I try my very best to be a ‘good egg’ and encourage others on social media and create a media feed that is interesting for my followers. That all takes time, my lovelies.

I’m regularly asked to read a forth-coming book and provide a review for the author for use during their promotions. I’ll admit, I’m picky. First and foremost, I read for pleasure. That childhood delight in turning to page one and starting a reading book has never left me – I pray it never does. I don’t skim read. I don’t scan read, like some professionals I know. Instead I digest every word, sentence and paragraph investing myself in what I’m enjoying. I always say, ‘I read like a reader not an author!’ For me to read a typical 350 page book will take twelve hours. Twelve hours which i could be writing. I can’t afford to spend my working week reading someone else’s book when I have my own to write – which is why I am picky! I recently read and reviewed a wonderful book for Julie Caplin ‘A French Chateau Dream’ – I was thrilled to be asked to read her novel as she’s a writing friend of mine, who always makes me laugh at author parties and get togethers. I gave it a five star review which is on Amazon, if you wanted to read it. I’ve read and reviewed several last year, but know that I politely refuse many, as I have books to write.

Last week was a ‘gear four’ week, deadlines to meet, promos to push and behind the scenes queries and admin to complete, all whilst convalescing and being sensible.

This week is entirely different – it’ll be a ‘gear two’ week. My copy edits have been completed and returned to my editor, social media returns to the basic daily norms and my only true focus is writing my CampNaNo project.