The Diminishing Bug


    Insects, love them, or hate them, are important to the world we live in. An analysis found that 40% of the insect world are decreasing and many are now endangered.

    Butterfly numbers for example have shrunk by 58% in England and the buzzing bumblebee has literally buzzed off, their population halving in areas of the US in the last 64 years. Changing how we farm, grow our food and even keep our gardens impacts these necessary creatures.

    In the last week, after a short illness a former neighbour and friend of mine sadly passed away and I could not help but think of her when I read about this global tragedy.

    Her garden was a haven for the insect world. She thought through every year before planting her flowers and shrubs. Not only thinking about the design, but the effect of replacing, and replanting would have on the bug population and soil condition of her beloved garden.

    We all need to take responsibility for the world we live in because it’s not someone else’s problem it’s a problem shared by each and everyone of us.